A Modern-Day Conundrum for Andrew Jackson

Would he protect his guns or support the enforcement of constitutional laws? Missouri senators endorsed legislation on Tuesday that seeks to nullify U.S. gun restrictions and send federal agents to jail for enforcing such laws, though the measure would likely face a court challenge if it gets approved in the state. Courts have consistently ruledContinue reading “A Modern-Day Conundrum for Andrew Jackson”

Nullification, the South, and Historiography

UPDATE: Coincidentally, Andy Hall at Dead Confederates also posted about Clyde Wilson and the Abbeville Institute yesterday. As I¬†was writing the chapter on the 1832-33 nullification crisis recently, I came across a reminder that I had written to myself to read W. Kirk Wood’s article, “In Defense of the Republic: John C. Calhoun and StateContinue reading “Nullification, the South, and Historiography”