WordPress prepared a year-end report for this blog. It was a light year for me in terms of original content, but here are the highlights in case you are interested:

Total blog views: 35,741

Most active month in views: March (4,801)

Ten most-viewed posts (2014 posts in bold):

  1. Andrew Jackson’s Profane Parrot (9,483)
  2. Debunking the Lincoln-Kennedy Federal Reserve Meme (2,047)
  3. Was Calvin Coolidge a Klansman? (764)
  4. What History Professors Do (674)
  5. The Man Who Wanted to Kill Andrew Jackson (543)
  6. What Does a History Course on Conspiracy Theories Look Like? (504)
  7. The Tension between Popular and Academic History (461)
  8. Andrew Jackson, Southerner: The Introduction (415)
  9. The Hermitage Podcast Series: The Corrupt Bargain (412)
  10. The Living Grandsons of President John Tyler (364)

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