WordPress isn’t generating year-in-review reports this year, so I’m putting together my own.

Total blog views: 55,459

Most active month in views: November (9,807)

Ten most-viewed posts of 2016 (2016 posts in bold):
1. Debunking the Lincoln-Kennedy Federal Reserve Meme 23,022
2. Andrew Jackson’s Profane Parrot 7,001
3. The Man Who Wanted to Kill Andrew Jackson 3,937
4. Was Calvin Coolidge a Klansman? 1,639
5. I Believe Donald Trump 741
6. What Does a History Course on Conspiracy Theories Look Like? 679
7-t. The Tension Between Popular and Academic History 673
7-t. Is Donald Trump: A Modern-Day Andrew Jackson? New Thoughts 673
9. Donald Trump: A Modern-Day Andrew Jackson? 634
10. Were Tariffs the Cause of the Civil War? 446