Total blog views: 41,076

Most active 2017 month in views: August (5,024)

Ten most-viewed posts of 2017 (2017 posts in bold):
1. Debunking the Lincoln-Kennedy Federal Reserve Meme 9,766
2. Andrew Jackson’s Profane Parrot 4,368
3.  Was Calvin Coolidge a Klansman? 1,773
4. The Man Who Wanted to Kill Andrew Jackson 1,678
5. 248 Years Later, Andrew Jackson Remains Controversial 1,153
6. Is Donald Trump Right About Andrew Jackson and the Civil War? 837
7. Were Tariffs the Cause of the Civil War? 836
8. George Washington Gordon, the Klan, and the History of Confederate Memorials 827
9. The Tension Between Popular and Academic History 730
10. What Does a History Course on Conspiracy Theories Look Like? 555

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