Responding to Criticism of Your Scholarship

I hate to be criticized. As an historian, it’s not fun to be told that your interpretation of historical evidence is wrong or lacking. The immediate reaction that I have is a desire to dig through my research files and prove the critic wrong. Honestly, though, once I’ve taken a few moments (or days), IContinue reading “Responding to Criticism of Your Scholarship”

The Dissertation Process, Part 2

(Part 1 of this series can be found here) LENGTH OF DISSERTATION My dissertation was 16 chapters long, or, to put it in perspective, 488 pages, sans bibliography. It could have been much longer; I eliminated over 100 pages of text during the drafting stage. (Yes, I tend to overwrite. People who know me asContinue reading “The Dissertation Process, Part 2”

The Dissertation Process, Part 1

Last year, I wrote a Facebook note outlining the process that I went through to write my dissertation in 2001-02. I thought it might be useful to post it here for readers who might be graduate students who are pre-comps or who are just beginning the process. I’ve edited my original note to remove some personalContinue reading “The Dissertation Process, Part 1”

Andrew Jackson Donelson’s Home in Bolivar County, Mississippi

I suspect that most historians have numerous stories and images that never make it into their books. Some of them are turned into articles; most probably stay buried in research notes. In looking through old photographs, I came across some that I took in hopes of using them for the Donelson biography. I never found a way to incorporateContinue reading “Andrew Jackson Donelson’s Home in Bolivar County, Mississippi”