Were Tariffs the Cause of the Civil War?

Updated 6/30/13 8:22 P.M.: In the interest of fairness, here is Marotta's response to his critics, co-written with his daughter, who wasn't credited as a co-author in his original Forbes piece. Updated: 7/1/13 3:00 P.M.: I posted a comment to the above post on Marotta's site politely pointing out the discrepancy between his and his …

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The Murder of Lt. Daniel Smith Donelson, C.S.A.

Too frequently, historians stumble across mysteries that they lack the evidence to solve. Most of the time, those mysteries are relegated to a folder, where they sit and nag at the mind. While writing the Donelson biography, I came across one such mystery: the murder of Andrew Jackson Donelson's son, Daniel Smith Donelson (1842-1864). The …

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A Festschrift for John Marszalek

On Tuesday, I had the honor of helping surprise my doctoral advisor, John Marszalek, with news that several of his former graduate students had produced a festschrift. A group of approximately thirty family, friends, former students, and colleagues gathered in Starkville to unveil a new book, entitled Of Times and Race: Essays Inspired by John …

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The Real Thanksgiving

From Kevin Levin's blog, enjoy Dick Morris' wacky take on the link between the Pilgrims and the American Civil War. If that doesn't put you in the mood for turkey, maybe reading about the Pilgrims' personal hygiene will. You're welcome, and have a good Thanksgiving.

Andrew Jackson: Patriot Slaveholder

Sometimes, there are articles that get lost in the shuffle. They don't appear in proprietary databases such as JSTOR or America: History and Life, so no one discovers them until years later. I don't want this to happen to Aaron Crawford's new article in the Journal of East Tennessee History (Vol. 82--2010) on the symbolic …

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Interested in a Rare Civil War Primary Source?

One of my non-history colleagues here at Cumberland loaned me a book filled with family letters from the Civil War. The writer of the letters was Justus Daniel Strait of Pennsylvania. Strait wrote the letters to his parents while he served in the Union Army's Company I, 45th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 9th Division. Strait …

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More on Historians and Online Sources

The recent H-SHEAR exchange about online sources, which I blogged about previously, has prompted other related discussions. On H-CivWar, a review of Edward Sebesta and James Loewen's The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader prompted Peter Knupfer, H-Net guru extraordinaire, to question the lack of online resources in document readers. His post elicited a response from Sebesta …

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